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Lighthouse History
Will It Be Saved or Lost Forever?

Lighthouses were built for one reason - to save lives. Now it's our turn to save their history.

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Without the stories, memories, and photographs

of the keepers and their families, lighthouses are just cold empty structures.

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Save history

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There are only two choices: Let our lighthouse history be lost forever or help us save our lighthouse history for future generations.
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Lighthouse History Research Institute
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A 501c3 nonprofit; your donations are deductible as allowed by law.

Was someone in your family a Lighthouse Keeper? Send us photos, stories from their Light Keeping Days.
We need your help to preserve, archive, and publish the history of lighthouses through photographs and written memories of the lighthouse personnel and their families who served in the Lighthouse Establishment, the Lighthouse Service, the Coast Guard and other privately established lighthouses. We are working to create a complete database of photos and stories that will be accessible online and through publication to be saved for future generations.

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